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“But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. Psalm 1:2



To systematically and interactively learn all of the books of the Bible, the major division of Old and New Testaments, categories into which books are grouped, a summary of each book, corresponding verses to read, and Messianic Prophecy verses and their fulfillment. Dear friends, may God bless you richly as you study his Word!

This devotional, educational, Bible Study/Game can be a “springboard,” to use in a number of different, creative ways, to become immersed in the Word of God! Please see the curriculum sheets for additional suggestions. The reading of scripture verses is the most important part of the game!


Before beginning, thoroughly mix 156 Old Testament cards, (verse side up), with 20 Old Testament Messianic Prophecy cards (Messianic Prophecy side up), and put cards in a pile in the middle of the table, along with the Messianic Prophecy Verse Sheet (Cross), and the pouch of acrylic jewels. Give each player an Old Testament, laminated Bible Study/Game sheet, with a scroll on it, and a dry erase marker. The Old Testament scroll has 39 books in it, which are divided into 5 color-coded categories of: Pentateuch, or the Law, History, Poetry & Wisdom, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. Cards are color-coded for each category into which they belong.

The first player takes 1 colored card, from the top of the card pile, and reads the verse and reference on it. (After a verse is read, players may freely share comments relating to the verse, if they like). Then the player turns the card over, and reads the name of the book, and its summary. Next, the player tells the other players the card’s category, and repeats the name of the book, so that they can locate the category and book on their laminated Bible Study/Game Sheets, and record the book by placing a dot AFTER the book’s name. Only the person who draws the card, and reads the verse PUTS A MARK IN THE SQUARE IN FRONT OF the book’s name. If a duplicate book card is drawn by a player, the duplicate card is returned to the pile, and another card is drawn.

Now, the next player draws a card, and takes his or her turn. Used cards are arranged by their categories on the table, near each player.

When a Messianic Prophecy verse card is drawn, which foretells of Jesus, the Savior, coming to save us from our sins, the player reads the Messianic Prophecy side to the group, and then turns the card over and reads the Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled side, showing how the prophecy was fulfilled. Then players team together to find the phrase on the Messianic Prophecy Verse Sheet, that matches the Messianic Prophecy verse.

When the phrase is found, the player who read the verse, places an acrylic jewel from the pouch, on the correct spot on the Messianic Prophecy verse sheet. If needed, a clue on the Messianic Prophecy card, tells exactly where to place the jewel. The clue lists the first letter of each word. For example: Boaw would stand for “Born of a woman.”

Since there are 20 Messianic Prophecy verse cards to read, each player will draw and read a total of 5 cards, throughout the game. If a player draws a card that exceeds the number of 5, the player will return the card to the pile, so that other players can have an equal share.

Play continues in this way, until all players have marked off the squares for all of the books in the categories, on their laminated sheets. This Bible Study/Game is flexible, and if stopped at one point, it can be resumed later.

This Bible Study/Game has no losers! Everybody wins when they study the Word of God!

To continue play with the New Testament Bible Study/Game, which is similar to the Old Testament Bible Study/Game, simply use the reverse side of the laminated sheet, with the picture of the Bible, and replace the Old Testament cards with 108 New Testament cards. Messianic Prophecy verse cards are not used in the New Testament Bible Study/Game.

Number of players: 4, or more with partners Ages: Young and old alike Young Word Warriors can partner-up! Cost: $28.95 Visit:

Additional ideas may include: memorizing the Bible categories, and books in them, hearing a verse read from a card, and telling which book and category it is in, memorizing one verse from each book in the Bible, knowing one summary fact from each book, and seeing how many prophecy verses one can know from memory,

With your Bible: practice quickly finding a verse in the Bible, when its reference is given, set up a time to read the Bible with a friend on a weekly basis, join a Bible Study group, memorize chapters in the Bible, such as 1 Corinthians 13, find and write down Jesus’miracles in the gospels, and draw pictures of them, search for verses that tell what God loves, and do these things, and search for things which God hates, and do not do those things, find verses in the Bible on topics, such as people of faith, praise, etc., and write the verses on blank cards for a collection. Find a verse each day, to put into practice, such as Psalm 19: 14 ”Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.”
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